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Chopped Strands for PA 568H

560A and 568H are two types of chopped strands made of glass fibers for thermoset plastic production. 568H Chopped Strands are devised for thermoplastic applications. They are blanketed with a silane-based sizing compatible with PA66 and PA6. 568H is general-purpose chopped strand fiberglass, suitable for all types of composite production. 568H is a staple-fibers that is suitable for the thermo-forming & injection molding process.

Product Description:

568H Chopped Strands are designed for thermoplastics application. They are coated with a silane-based sizing compatible with PA66 and PA6.Chopped strand fiberglass have a relatively short length, approximately 0.2mm - 0.5mm in diameter, so they can be used for high-speed processes. The fiber diameter is very uniform, thus the surface roughness is low. Because of its excellent dispersion property, it is ideal for mixing and dispersion in polymers.

Product Features:

·Good strand integrity, low static, Low fuzz and good flowability

·Excellent fatigue resistance

·Excellent glycol resistance

·Good mechanical properties of parts

·Excellent high temperature resistance



Technical Parameters:




Purchase PA 568H Chopped Strands from RX Fiberglass:  

Zhuzhou Yuhua Composite Materials Co., Ltd. (RX Fiberglass). Manufactures E-fiberglass of different grades. PA 568H is one of them. You can find the highest quality chopped strands for producing fiber-plastic goods. To illustrate, you can use them for parts of automobiles like bumpers, side mirrors, dashboards, etc. This ultra-top quality E-fiberglass will give shiny and smooth luster. You can use them for sports and marine products also. We supply this fiber grade in chopped strands form for better application and processing. Many industries need raw materials like e-fiberglass of PA 568H grade. 

Suitable for Thermoset Plastic via Injection Molding Process: 

Most industries mix it with plastic through the extrusion process. It produces a combination of fiber and plastic for the injection molding process. Start purchasing PA 568H chopped strands from RX Fiberglass. They have silane coating for survival against corrosion and other types of damage. Our chopped strands can smoothly combine with polymers for the injection molding process.  

Prices are Very Affordable for Bulk Buyers:

They are affordable and cost-effective for all buyers. We have the prices every worldwide and local buyer would wish to buy at. These low prices of chopped strands will benefit buyers in many ways. They can manufacture plastic-fiber goods at a low cost. Our prices are always easy on the pocket of buyers in global competition. Buyers can ask us for a quotation per their budget limit. We can supply in different MOQ sizes as per your limit.


Stay Ahead by Doing Business with RX Fiberglass:

In this industry of fiber-chopped strands, we keep our clients fulfilled with top services. Zhuzhou Yuhua Composite Materials Co., Ltd. (RX Fiberglass). is the name you can trust. We operate in China and serve many buyers in different regions of the world. The quality of the E-fiberglass we use for the PA 568H grade is phenomenal.




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