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Glass Fiber Panel Roving Assembled Fiberglass 528S

Assembled Panel Rovings 528S is a twist-free roving for board, coated with silane- based wetting agent, compatible with unsaturated polyester resin (UP), mainly used to make transparent board and transparent board felt.

528S is mainly used to make transparent sheets and transparent felt sheets. The board has the characteristics of lightweight material, high strength, good impact resistance, no white silk, and high light transmittance.

Continuous Panel Molding Process

resin mix is uniformly deposited in a controlled amount onto a moving film at aconstant speed. The thickness of the resin is controlled by the draw-knife. Fiberglass roving is chopped and uniformly distributed onto the resin. Then a top film is applied forming a sandwich structure. The wet assembly travels through a curing oven to form the composite panel.





(Building and Construction / Automotive /Agriculture/Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester)


Glass Fiber Roving Assembled with Impact Resistance:

High impact resistance comes when you purchase fiberglass roving assembled from Zhuzhou Yuhua Composite Materials Co., Ltd. (RX Fiberglass). Their durability and acceptable density rate make them a core element for many industries. Due to having high transmittance of light, you can use them for various types of goods. Also, they have no white silk. To reduce medium or high impact, they have good impact resistance. As you know, it is a lightweight material, and you can produce aerospace, aircraft, and automotive parts. Besides, you can purchase them from us to make transparent sheets. Transparent sheets are widespread for domestic and industrial applications. You are producing them the possible when you have assembled low-cost fiberglass roving.

Buy Discounted Fiberglass Roving Assembled:

For high production of fiberglass goods, reach us for glass fiber roving assembled. RX Fiberglass has budget-friendly rates for bulk supply. Every buyer can purchase them in medium and large quantities. Make sure you buy in bulk to get wholesale rates. These prices are very reasonable for everyone who is looking for a wholesaler. As a wholesaler, we can produce them for you per your demand. If you are on your way to procuring it, we can supply it cheaply. 

What Contributes to Our Success in Industry?

Zhuzhou Yuhua Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a supplier everyone must trade with. We are a trusted name in the industry with safe methods of production. Our fiberglass roving assembled materials go through quality inspection. Our business took its wings in the year 2010. Since then, we have been growing in the fiberglass industry continuously. ISO 3344, ISO 1889, ISO 1887, etc. Our success rate rises with the help of our research and development. Each method goes through precise steps for top production.




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