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E-Glass Chopped Strand Mat

Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) is a widely used traditional reinforcement solution. It is a random fiber mat that provides equal strength in all directions and is used in a variety of hand lay-up and open-mold applications.

Specification: Glass fiber chopped strand mat is a non-woven E glass fiber fabric, which is made by mixing a continuous filament roving with a length of 50mm with a polyester binder in powder form (or other binder in emulsion form). And it is made by spreading out randomly. Read more about roving in fiberglass composites here.

Features And Applications: The chopped strand mat is characterized by a good combination of resins, easy operation, good wet strength retention, good laminate transparency and low cost. It is suitable for hand-laid FRP modules, such as various plates and pens, ship hulls, ship cylinders, cooling towers, corrosion inhibitors, and vehicles, etc. Check out all our Chopped Strand Fiberglass catalogue and contact us for a custom order.





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