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Chopped Strands for PA 560A

560A Chopped Strands are designed for thermoplastics application. They are coated
with a silane-based sizing compatible with PA66 and PA6.
560A are designed for extrusion and injection molding processes, and widely used in
automotive, machinery, electrical & electronic, daily goods, and sporting goods
applications. The product is FDA certified and can be used in food containers

Product Features

·Good strand integrity and low static

 ·Low fuzz and good flowability

 ·Good bonding with resins and no fiber sticking out on parts surface ·Good mechanical properties of parts



Technical Parameters



The product is best used within 12 months after production, and should be kept in the original package before use. 

·Care should be taken when using the product to prevent it from being scratched or damaged. 

·The temperature and humidity of the product should be conditioned to be close or equal to the ambient temperature and humidity before use, and the ambient temperature and humidity should be properly controlled during the use.




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